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VME is a leader in the funeral escorting industry; providing only the best professional services while striving for customer satisfaction.


Funeral Motorcycle Escorts


VME understands and respects that every religion has its own beliefs, rituals, and traditions. We can accommodate any special request that the families of the deceased may have.


Our escort riders are some of the best in the industry.
Our riders train for perfection and continually go through refresher training courses to maintain the highest standards.



VME offers a full range of services at a low cost, flat-rate.

demoBasic services include:

· Chapel to Church
· Drive by Residence
· Drive by Business
· Church to Cemetery
· Special Requests; Not Limited To:
· Specific Driving Routes
· At Home Ceremonies
· Parking Control




Using motorcycle escorts adds a level of safety and peace of mind; ensuring that all your guests will stay together during the procession to the deceased final resting place.

Funerals are a sad and emotional time for everyone involved, but they are also a time for celebrating the deceased’s life. One of the ways that many people choose to do this is with the use of Motorcycle Escorts for a funeral procession. Funeral practices vary greatly between different customs, cultures and religions. It is a very personal time that is tailored to reflect the wishes of both the deceased and their surviving loved ones.

demoLosing a loved one is a devastating, exhausting experience to go through:

The arrangements, the viewing, memorial services, and then the procession to the cemetery.


The funeral procession to the cemetery can be dangerous. Especially when inconsiderate drivers cut in and out of the procession or just drive through the procession because they are in a hurry to get somewhere. Actions like this are not only a violation of the law, but disrespectful, and could cause accidents.

Using motorcycle escorts can help to maintain all the vehicles in the procession get to the cemetery in a safe and orderly manner. We are able to accomplish this by planning a safe route of travel and controlling traffic at intersections so all participants can stay together; preventing non-participants from interfering with the procession.


demoA funeral procession will often travel very slow as a mark of respect to the deceased and to assure that all procession participants stay together. Funeral processions will only travel 15 to 25 MPH on surface streets and 50 to 55 MPH on the freeway. It is good funeral etiquette that all vehicles in the procession have their your headlights and emergency flashers on at all times when participating in a funeral procession; so that other drivers know that you are part of the procession and can give the right-of-way.

Windshield Funeral Procession stickers are used to label vehicles who is a part of the funeral procession. These stickers can be obtained at the time of the funeral service from either the funeral director or from the motorcycle escorts and should be placed on the windshield of the vehicle as pictured to the left.


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