About Us

Valley Motor Escort is the premier motorcycle escorting company in the Sacramento and San Joaquin County regions of California. As the leader in the motorcycle escorting industry we can assure you that our services will not disappoint you. Our team of escort riders is some of the best in the industry and are as committed to quality service as you expect to receive.

Valley Motor Escort is committed to customer service and all of our team of escort riders will assist the funeral directors during the service with anything that is needed. Our professional team of escort riders can assist with loading the flower vehicle, hand out vehicle funeral stickers (Provided by the funeral home) or place these stickers on the vehicles that will be in the procession, stand-in as pallbearers, and all of our riders carry extra radios for the coach drivers; so the funeral directors will be able to hear and know, everything that is going on with their procession from the coach to the last vehicle.

In The Beginning:

Valley Motor Escort was founded on June 1, 2009, by Jeret Burnett and Kyle Rader with the belief that highly trained and skilled professionals and the highest degree of customer service are vital to the daily operations and success of the company. Mr. Burnett and Mr. Rader have a combined experience in motorcycle escorting of more than 15 years and have worked with 6 different motorcycle escort companies. This allows them to bring forth all the best techniques, training methods, and procedures to perform to the highest standards in the industry. Being second-best is not an option and a standard of “This is ok” is unacceptable to Valley Motor Escort. Every aspect of Valley Motor Escort’s operations, from our training for proper intersection control to our billing system, is continually being examined to see how we can improve ourselves.

When We Can Work For You:

Valley Motor Escort is a full-service funeral motorcycle escorting company. Whether you need one officer for small early morning service or many for a late afternoon service; we can cover it. Valley Motor Escort has a team of over 15 escort riders and we are growing to ensure that your funeral requests are always met with satisfaction. 

What Makes VME Great:

Valley Motor Escort is a leader in the funeral escorting industry; providing only the best professional services while striving for customer satisfaction and doing it all for a reasonable price. Valley Motor Escort understands and respects that every religion has its own beliefs, rituals, and traditions That is why VME can accommodate the most special requests that the families of the deceased may have. Our teams of escort riders are some of the best in the industry. We train for perfection and continually go through refresher training courses to maintain the highest standards.


Values in business are defined as the common beliefs and priorities of a group of people and the qualities that define a group to its members. One of the main values that Valley Motor Escort has is its motto, “When being the best DOES matter!!!” We take this motto very seriously and so does our team of escort riders. We do not just settle for being number one in our industry; we want our competitors to have to work very hard just to be number two. Since the first day Valley Motor Escort was in operation, the team of escort riders came up with the company’s motto. Their saying was, “We are the best, period!” This saying was later change to “When being the best DOES matter!!!” because our success is directly related to being the best at our job.


Cultural diversity is defined as the representation, in one social system, of people with distinctly different group affiliations of cultural significance. At VME, diversity is more than an “on-paper” practice; it is key to our success. In the same way, we value our motto, we value the strengths of the unique talents and abilities inherent in a diverse workforce. We believe that every teammate can make a contribution and have an impact. We are committed to creating a team in which our employees do their best work because they want to; not because they have to or told to. Varied talents, personal styles, and innovative ideas contribute to a self-motivated environment. At VME, diversity means including people from all walks of life. We embrace diversity because we believe the best services come from a workplace in which varied viewpoints are welcomed and encouraged.